Ugledni čas – Animals

Ugledni čas


Nastavana jedinica: Animals

Tip časa: utvrđivanje

Korelacija: geografija, priroda i društvo, muzičko, likovno

Nastavna sredstva: štampani materijal, CD, igračke u obliku životinja

Uvodni deo:

  1. Let’s play a memory game. Say the animal (each pupil repeats the previous animal and adds another one). The teacher writes the animals on the board.
  2. We put these animals into three different categories wild/farm/pets
  3. Play the pantomime game (the pupil imitates the animal, the rest of the class quess what it is), e.g. monkey
  4. Listen to the riddle songs and guess the name of the animal (an elephant and a frog).Who can draw the elephant/frog?
  5. Touch and say the name of the animal (the pupils take one toy animal from the box and try to guess). The pupils’eyes are covered with a scarf.
  6. Look at the questions on your desk. Ask them to guess the animal I have chosen.what is it?


Središnji deo časa:

  1. Listen to the text about my favourite animal:

Answer the questions about it:

  1. What animal is it?
  2. Where does it live?
  3. Is it big or small?
  4. What does it eat?
  5. Can it jump?
  6. Can it walk backwards?

8.Write the correct word under the pictures (about a kangaroo and pets)

  1. Have you drawn your favourite animal. Can I have a look at the pictures? Now I will give you the cards where you are going to describe your favourite animal

Završni deo časa:

  1. Read your description

Exhibition: Let’s put your animal cards on my desk.

  1. Listen to the song “Lucy’s pet”.

Let’s sing it altogether!

Mrijana Marić


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