Inicijalni test za šesti razred

Inicijalni test za 6. razred



1. Hello, my name _________Anna.
2. They ________from Germany.
3. She _________Chinese, she is Japanese.
4. I am Sonia and this is ________mother.
5. Eight, nine,_________ .
6. I have a sister. ___________ name is Susana.
7. I usually ___________a sandwich for lunch.
8. Bye! __________a nice day!



  1. What ________you ________ ? I’m actor.
    10. Yesterday, we (visit) _______________ two beautiful ladies.
    11. She __________here! She is at the cinema.
    12._________ you hungry? You breakfast is ready!
    13. I really like (read) __________books.
    14. Is this your pen? Yes, it’s ____________.
    15. I can speak Japanese, but I ______________write it very well.
    16. He ____________a lot of coffee the morning.
    17. Our class (start)__________ 3 o’clock.’



  1. Where ___________you go yesterday? I _________go anywhere. I _________here all the time.
    19. Is __________a lift in the building ?
    20. How __________money do you have?
    21. He is much taller ______________ me.
    22. He’s a good __________! He drives his car very carefully .
    23. Yesterday I __________shopping with my sisters.
    24. Your friend is a great singer. He _________a famous pop star.
    25. _____________you very tired yesterday?

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