6. The first written work


6th grade


I Write the correct  names of jobs and everyday activities:

  1. remfra
  2. eaercht
  3. scid yokjec
  4. torcod
  5. teswrasi
  6. dagrine
  7. yalpgin scrad
  8. mignimsw
  9. ingkooc
  10. lablofto

II  Complete the questions in the past simple

  1. __________ John go to university?
  2. _________ she happy in New York?
  3. _____________ the stars of the film talk to him?
  4. ___________ they watch the film?
  5. _________ Matt come to school this morning?

III Put was, were, wasn’t or weren’t

  1. They  ( not be) ________________at the cinema yesterday. They (be) ___________

at his granparents house.

  1. (Be) _______________she happy at the party? No, she _____________


  1. (Be) __________________ Ana at school yesterday? No, she _________ (not be). She (be)_____________ sick.


4 Kate and Mary (be) _________________ with their friends all afternoon. They (be) __________ very happy together.

5.We ( not be) ________________ at the cinema.


IV Listen and write down the correct numbers and dates.


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