6. Test prvo polugodište

6th grade


-prvo polugodište-

I Complete the sentences with everyday activities:

I like…..

I don’t like……

I enjoy………

I love…….

I hate…..

IIPut the frequency adverbs in the right place:

  1. Mila cooks dinner. (always)
  2. Sadie doesn’t walk to school. (usually)
  3. I dream about sport. (sometimes)

III Write some or any:

  1. I need________________ money to buy a new bike. It’s broken.

2.I don’t want ______________ water. I am not thirsty.

3.Are there _______________ matches in the living room?

4.Let’s go shopping. We need _____________ bread, cheese and butter.

5.There is _____________ shampoo on the shelf in the bathroom. You can wash your hair.

IV Write countable or uncountable nouns:

sandwich_________                   shampoo________               milk ________                      match __________       water___________          egg___________

V Put the letters in the right order and write the names of 5 things for a trip:

welot_____________    scramune______________       chotr_______________         apos______________            stapethoto _____________

VI Write something, somewhere or someone:

  1. There’s _________________ at thedoor. I don’t know who he is.
  2. Jack lives ________________ in the USA.
  3. I want __________________ special for my birhtday.

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