6. Test drugo polugodište

6. grade


-drugo polugodište-


I Put the sentences in the negative and interrogative form:

  1. g.I will help you with your homework. I will not help you with your homework. Will I help you with your homework?
  1. The older students will tell you the rules.


  1. She will buy a new laptop.


II Write how much or how many

  1. How _____________ water is there?
  2. How _____________ desks are there?
  3. How _____________ books have you got?
  4. How _____________ bread do you want?
  5. How _____________ children are there in your classroom?


III Choose the right word:

  1. Do you want any _______________ in your coffee? ( cheese/sugar/bread)?
  2. ____________ are my favourite vegetbles. ( pasta/peas/grapes).
  3. Michel loves meat. He ate four _________________ at the barbecue. ( potatoes/ biscuits/beefburgers).


IV Write a/an or some

  1. I cooked ______________ rice last night.
  2. She bought ____________ new dress yesterday.
  3. Give me ____________ orange, please.
  4. Could I have ____________ salad with hamburger?
  5. I want ___________ egg and yoghurt for breakfast.


V Answer the questions about food?


  1. What’s your favourite food?
  2. How often do you eat in a restaurant?
  3. What can you cook?
  4. Which country do you think has the best food?Why?
  5. What are the most popular dishes in your country?

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