Inicijalni test za sedmi razred

Inicijalni test za 7. razred


  1. The person __________helps me most is my friend John. We in New York August 1974.
    2. What (you/do) ___________________ yesterday when I called you?
    3. Who (sing) ____________this song?
    4. We can’t meet you tomorrow afternoon because I (go) _________________to the doctor.
    5. Don’t worry. You can count on me. I (help) _____________you.
    6. It’s (beautiful) ___________________ city I’ve ever been to.
    7. ______________she already done her homework?
    8. I (leave) ______________ the cinema half an hour ago.
    9. I sent her an email last week, but she (not answer)_________________ it yet.
  2. He is (good) ________________ person in our street.


  1. You (not eat) ______________ here! It’s forbidden.
    12. If you run fast,you (catch) ________________ the bus!
    13. He was very bad ____________ sports. Now, he is a professional swimmer!
    14. How _________ coffee do you drink? . A cup a day.
    15. The Eiffel Tower was built ____________1889.
    16. I (read) ______________________ while he was (sing)__________________.



  1. She the door (open)________________ so the burglar went into her house.
    18.. He is my best friend. I (know) ________________him for ten years.
    19. It (not be) ___________ Alice. She’s got long hair! The person in the picture has got short hair.
    20. I enjoy (watch) _________________ TV in the evening.

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