7. The second written work

7th grade



I Find 8 activities and make three lists: lingbow, lfgo, hingfis, eticsathl, bleta nisten, mingswim, nningru, kersnoo

Indoor activities:

Outdoor activities:


II Make true sentences using I have… or I have never …

  1. I try …. zorbing
  2. go/to England
  3. climb/ a mountain
  4. go/sailing
  5. do/ a bungee jump

III Complete the sentences:

I enjoy…

My frineds like…

My grandparents can’t stand…

I hate…

My class is good at…

IV Use the right preposition:

  1. We sometimes go on holiday_______________ Easter.
  2. Nathalie likes getting ___________ early.
  3. I’m meeting Paul at 8’oclock.
  4. Andrew and Amy are getting married ___________ September.
  5. We always go swimming ____________ Friday.

V Write 35-45 words about someone you admire:

-who this person is and where he/she comes from

-what he/she does

-why you admire him/her


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