7. Test prvo polugodište


7th grade

-prvo polugodište-

I Transalate

1.Turn off-

  1. Unplug-
  2. Put in-
  3. Take out-
  4. Plug in-

II Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets:

  1. I like (play) _________________ cards.
  2. Skiing is fun, but I prefer (skate) _________________ skating.
  3. I can’t stand (go) __________________ to the dentist.
  4. He hates (get) ________________ up early in the morning.
  5. Helen likes (sit) __________________ in the sun doing nothing.


 III Describe these people using the underlined verbs and a verb +ing. Write one sentence each time:

Melanie watches TV a lot . She loves it.

Melanie loves watching TV.

  1. David plays for his school team. He really enjoys
  2. Ann usually goes shopping, but she hates
  3. Peter does his homework after school. He likes
  4. Children drink milk every day. They love
  5. Mary cleans the house on Sundays. She doesn’t mind

IV  Write the country or the nationality:

  1. Spain-

2.______________ -Polish




  1. Mexico-
  2. America-
  3. Canada-
  4. ________________ -Australian

10._________________ -French

V Complete the sentences:

1._____________ Ana Mexican? Yes, she is.

2.____________ they in the park? Yes, they are.

  1. ____________ he like London? Yes, he does.
  2. __________ Ana got any English friends? No, she hasn’t.
  3. ______________ they got any ice cream? Yes, they have.





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