7. Test drugo polugodište

7. razred

Završni test


        I Write an appropriate British word:

  1. American English:
  2. Pants
  3. Vacation
  4. Gas
  5. Elevator
  6. Cookies

IITranslate the materials:

1.Pamuk –                                   2. Srebro –                                    3. Koza                           4. Drvo

5.Zlato                                    6. metal

        III Write down the Present Simple Passive Voice of the verbs in brackets:

  1. Olives __________________ in Greece.
  2. Our rice ________________ from China.
  3. It _________________ of gold.
  4. These watches _______________ in England.
  5. Football _________________ in Serbia a lot.


IV Use the Second Conditional to complete the sentences:

1.If I (go) ________________ to Britain I  (visit) ______________ The British Museum first.

2.If Peter (have) _________________ more time, he (go) __________________ to the concert.

3.If I (spend) __________________ three months in Paris, I (speak) ________________ French much better.

4.If I (know) ___________________ his phone number, I (tell) _________________ her.


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