Inicijalni test za osmi razred

Inicijalni test za 8. razred

I First conditional or second conditional?

Complete each of the following conditional sentences with the proper verb tense:

1. If we go to Mexico, you _________ real Mexican food. (eat)

2. If you went to Mexico, you _________ real Mexican food.(eat)

3. If he _________ more, he’d play better. (practice)
II Gerund or infinitive

  1. She expects people ______________ her, but she never helps anyone! (help)

    5. My doctor advised me_______________ smoking. (quit)

    6. Please stop ________________. I can hear you fine! (shout)

    7. I don’t feel like __________________. (cook)

    8. Would you mind  _________________window? It’s very hot in here. (open)

III THE PASSIVE VOICE: Describe what everyone does, changing each active voice sentence into a passive voice sentence:
EX: John buys the food. –> The food is bought by John.

9. Thomas washes the dishes. –> The dishes __________________ by Thomas.

10. Frank feeds the dogs. –> The dogs __________________ by Frank.

11. Maria prepares the food. –> The food _________________ by Maria.





IV TAG QUESTIONS :Complete each sentence with the correct tag question. This particular exercise uses PRESENT and FUTURE tenses. Make sure you place the apostrophe „‘“ in the right place:
EX: Mary likes him, doesn’t she?:

Top of Form

12.He plays football, _______________

13. Mary is going to see that movie, _______________

14.You’re living in France, ___________________

15. You live in France, ___________________

16. Thomas is coming over tonight, ___________________


V PAST SIMPLE OR PRESENT PERFECT? Choose which verb tense (simple past or present perfect) sounds more natural.

Top of Form

  1. I ________ tennis since I was 15, and I still play at least once I week. (play)

Bottom of Form

  1. I ________ tennis last summer. (play)

VI Simple Past or Past Continuous? | Choose which verb tense (simple past or past continuous) completes each sentence in a logical, natural-sounding way: Top of Form

19.I _____________________when you rang. I didn’t hear you come in. (sleep)

  • Bottom of Form

20. P1: What ____________________yesterday at 2 o’ clock? P2: I was watching TV.


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