8.The second written work

8th grade

I Make nouns from the following verbs

e.g. invite-invitation

celebrate-                     govern-                                  predict-                            suggest-                             argue-

II Complete the sentences with words for special occasions

  1. Andy and Jill have invited 300 g___________ to their wedding.
  2. Mum is in the kitchen. She’s making a c______________ for my brother’s birthday.
  3. On New Year’s Eve there’s a p___________________ through the streets of our town.
  4. For Christmas people in England and America d_______________ Christmas trees.
  5. People wear unusual c_______________ at the carnival in Venice.

III  Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets ( The first conditional)

1) They (go) will go to the party if they are invited.
2) If I (not go) ________________to bed early, I will be tired tomorrow.
3) If we eat all this cake, we (feel) ________________sick .
4) She will stay in London if she (get) ___________________a job.
5) If you don’t want to go out, I (cook) ________________dinner at home.
6) I will come early, if you (want) ____________________ .


IV  Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets ( The second conditional)

1) He (not get) wouldn’t get a better job if he didn’t pass that exam.


2) I (buy) _________________a new dress if I had enough money. ..
3) She would cook dinner if you (go) _________________to the supermarket.


4. If John (like) _________________ jezz, he would come to the concert.


V Complete the conversations. Use words from the list A and the list B, A-Have a; Enjoy; Nice; I had; Help

B- a great time; yourself; yourself;  to see you; good holiday


  1. A:Hi, Julie. B: Oh, hi, Mike!_______________________________
  2. Dad, I’m going skateboarding with Denise, OK? B: OK. ______________________________________
  3. A: I’m going to the Caribbean tomorrow. B: _______________________________________
  4. Could I have one of these biscuits? B: Yes, of course. __________________________________
  5. A: It was good to see you, Steve. B: Thanks for inviting me. ___________________________________

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