8. Test prvo polugodište


8th grade

-prvo polugodište-



                      I Present Simple or Present Continuous

  1. __________ you ____________ any brothers or sisters?
  2. We (wear) _________________ a uniform at school now.
  3. Look! The baby (jump) ______________.
  4. Joe always (have) ___________ lunch at school.
  5. I can see John over there. He (run) ____________ towards us.

                     II Make nouns from the adjectives:

  1. loyal-
  2. independent-
  3. kind-
  4. confiednt
  5. honest-

III Write the opposites of the following words:

  1. selfish
  2. friendly-
  3. lazy-
  4. funny-
  5. good-

                   IV Complete the sentences with home vocabulary:

  • We live in a big block _______ ____________.
  • My flat is on the second _______________.
  1. We haven’t got a _________________, so we park a car in the street.
  • My grandfather has got a big ______________ behind the house with trees and flowers.
  • My house has got a ____________ which ovelooks the river.

V Write who or which

1.I’ve got a friend __________ lives in Sydney.

  1. We know a good shop __________ sells CDs.
  2. Alfred Hitchcock was a film director _______________ made horror films.
  3. Madonna is a singer _____________ comes from Italy.
  4. My neighbour has got a parrot ______________ can sing.

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