8. Test drugo polugodište


8th grade

March 2016


I Write the missing letters and make words for special occasions:

0 When two people get married , they have a w edding

  1. People who go to a party are g_ _ _ _ _.
  2. In Britain it’s traditional to put c_ _ _ _ _ _ on a birthday cake.
  3. People put d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in their homes for Christmas and New Year.
  4. F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ make fantastic colours in the sky, and they are often very noisy.
  5. I got some very nice p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for my birthday.

II Complete the sentences with will be + ing/ won’t be + ing. You can use contractions, too.

  • Don’t come at one o’clock, because we’ll be having lunch. (have lunch)
  1. Harry won’t be at the party tonight. He ______________________ the match. (watch)
  2. Mia and Steve will be at home on Friday. They ______________________. (not work)
  3. I don’t think we can play tennis this afternoon. It __________________ (rain)
  4. Aida has got a terrible cold. She ___________________ in the concert tomorrow. (not sing)
  5. I must revise. This time tomorrow , I _________________ my first exam.

III Use the first conditional:

0 The ice cream will melt (melt) if you leave  (leave) it in the sun.

  1. If you (break) _____________________, I (be) _________________ very angry.
  2. You (not pass) _______________________ your piano exam unless you (practice) ________________ every day.
  3. The plant (not grow) ____________________ unless it (rains) _______________ soon.
  4. If Bob (tidy) ____________________ up the kitchen, Catherine ( clean) ____________________ the bathroom.
  5. Elaine (buy) ___________________ the drinks, if somebody (help) _______________________ her carry the bottles.




IV Look at the examples. Complete the table:

Let’s celebrate! We’ll have a big celebration!

  1. meet ____________________
  2. predict ___________________
  3. solve ______________________
  4. build _____________________
  5. disappear _________________
  6. invite _____________________
  7. suggest ____________________
  8. begin ______________________
  9. protect ____________________
  10. decorate ___________________

V Read the text and circle the correct answer:

April Fool’s Day, sometimes called All Fool’s Day, is on the first of April every year. People can play practical jokes. That’s why you shouldn’t believe what is said to you and you should be doubtful of the people around you on this day. Someone might change the time on another person’s alarm to make him wake up very early or very late. Or she / he may put a lot of pepper in another’s food. Of course all this is done just for fun. When the trick is played people say „April Fool“ to make the poor person realize that it was just a joke.

Some of the well known and most successful pranks or practical jokes were on the media – television, radio stations, newspapers… For instance, a BBC television program ran a famous hoax in 1957, showing Italians harvesting spaghetti from trees. A large number of people contacted the BBC wanting to know how to cultivate spaghetti trees. In 2008, the BBC again reported on a newly discovered colony of flying penguins showing people walking with the penguins in Antarctica, and following their flight to the Amazon rainforest.

Top of Form


  1. April Fool’s Day is also called Fool’s Day ?  a.True    b.False
  2. On this day
    a.You must be suspicious about what people around you say or do
    b.You should wake up early in order not to be hoaxed
  3. After you play a trick on someone
    a.say April Fool
    b.say April Fool’s Day
  4. People grew spaghetti trees in Italy.
  1. True
  2. False
  1. BBC discovered flying penguins on Antartica in 2008.
    1. True
    2. False




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