Inicijalni test za peti razred

Inicijalni test za 5. razred


I Present Simple: _____/5


  1. John and his brother (take) the bus to school. ________________________.
  2. Elizabeth (not have) English on Mondays. __________________________.
  3. James (like) sport? ____________________________________________?
  4. Paul (go) to my school._________________________________________.
  5. School (finish) in June. _________________________________________.


II Put the words in the right order _________/5

  1. Chemistry/I/like/don’t. __________________________________________

2.ride/every/their/children/day/bikes/school/to. __________________________________________________________________

  1. London/in/do/live/you? _________________________________________
  2. does/sport/like/Claire? __________________________________________
  3. monkeys/live/Africa/in. _________________________________________


III Have got/ have got ___________/5

1.My sister ___________________ a dog.

2.Tim _____________________ two sandwiches.

3.Betty and Jim _____________________ two children.

4.My friends _____________________ a big house.

5.His mother _____________________ a lot of dresses.



IV Short answers:______/5

1.Do you like summer? √_________________________________________

2.Does Anna go to High school? X _________________________________

3.Do Pam and Jenny eat apples? X_________________________________

4.Does your dad play football? √___________________________________

5.Do they drink coffee? X______________


V Write question words (WHY, WHEN, WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHAT) _____/5


1.____________‘s your name? My name is Jack.2.____________ old are you? I’m 11 years old.3.____________ is your book? It’s on my desk.4.____________ is your best friend? Anna is.5.____________ does school start? In September.


VI Put the adverbs in the right place___/5


1.I don’t make my bed. (often) _________________________________________ 2.My mother vacuums the floor.(usually) _________________________________ 3.My father washes up after dinner. (normally) ____________________________ 4.My brother cleans the car. (never) _____________________________________ 5.We take out the rubbish.(every day) ____________________________________

TOTAL _______/30


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