5. The second written work


5th grade

I Write there is/there are, is there/are there

  1. ___________ a computer in the classroom.
  2. ___________ some posters in my office.
  3. ____________ a CD player in my bedroom.
  4. ___________ 30 desks in the hotel.
  5. ___________ a blackboard in the classroom.
  6. ___________ a tree in the field?
  7. In our park _____________ a fountain where we can drink water.
  8. ____________ a cinema in my town?

II Complete the sentences with some or any.

  1. Is there ________ water in the glass?


  1. There are not _________ flowers in the vase.


  1. There is _________ sugar in the bowl.


  1. Are there _______ balls under the bed?


  1. There are _________boys in the bus.


  1. There is not ________ food in the plate.


  1. There are _________ cows in the field.


IIIComplete the sentences with the words from the box: computer,  table,  wardrobe,  posters, shelf

  1. My clothes are in the ________________.
  2. There are three _____________ on the wall.
  3. Jane uses her _______________ to do her homework.
  4. On the _______________ there are lots of books.
  5. There is a _________________ next to my bed.

IV Write sentences using the right prepositions:


V Put the words in the right order and make sentences:

  1. the /desk/ is/computer/there/on /a ___________________________________________________


  1. are/any/shoes/there/ Ana’/in/bedroom?__________________________________________


  1. left/the/bed/on/is/the _____________________________________



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