5. The first written work


5th grade


 1 a Complete the sentences with the right form of the verb have got:

  You ( have got ) ________________  a brother.

  She (have got) _______________ a dog.

  They (have got) ________________ a green van.

  He (not have got) _______________  two sisters.

  ___________ they  _______________ nice teachers? ( have got)


1 b  Answer the questions

  Has Anne got a blue school bag? → No,

  Have your friends got pets? → Yes,

  Have Rick and Max got lots of computer games? → Yes,

  Has Henry got a TV in his room? → No,

  Have the girls got pink pencil cases? → Yes,

1 c Put the adjectives in the right category: long, dark, tall, cruel, black, nice, dangerous, short, straight, friendly, honest, kind, brown, curly, fair

Eyes Hair Personality Height












1d Describe yourself  by using the adjectives from exercise one


1e Listen to the text and write the body parts you here


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