5. test drugo polugodište

5. razred

Završni  test


I Put the sentences in the negative and interrogative form: e.g. I am writing an e-mail. I am not writing an e-mail. Am I writing an e-mail?

1.He is swimming in the river.

2.They are watching a match

3.Joe is going to learn Spanish.

  1. I’m going to stay in London.

II What is it? (Clothes vocabulary)

These are trousers. They’re often blue. J_ _ _ _

You wear them when it’s sunny. S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

You wear these on your feet on the beach. S _ _ _ _ _ _

You wear this on your head. H _ _

You can take an umbrella or you can wear this. R _ _ _ _ _ _ _

III  Answer the questions:

1.What is the weather like today?

  1. What was it like yesterday?
  2. How old were you when you started school?
  3. How did you feel then?
  4. When you were little what did you want to be?

IV Complete the sentences with verbs in the past simple:

  1. We (visit)__________________ the Zoo last week.
  2. Children (like) ________________ the monkeys most of all.
  3. Tanya (have) _______________ a party last night.
  4. My best friend (be) ______________ in France last summer.
  5. They (see)_________________ some lovely paintings at the exhibition.

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